1. Please take note that we are not the Department of Labour and do not form part of the Department of Labour in any way.

2. We are also not registered at any governing body, as there is not one for UIF service providers like ourselves in South Africa at the time this article is published on our website. We are not an accounting firm nor Labour Brokers and therefore not a professional service provider.

3. The information which we provide, we gather from communication via email with employees working at the Department of Labour and also by information which they provide telephonically to us, when phoning the Call Centre at the Department of Labour.

4. If they provide false or out of date information, we cannot be held responsible for the information provided.

5. If the Department of Labour has a backlog, we cannot be held responsible if it takes longer than we have mentioned in our correspondence to clients to obtain the outstanding UIF amount due.

6. There are no hidden fees from our side to our clients. Our emails stipulates that there are two payments to follow: The first payment is our fee for our services, which is confirmed in our quotation, which the client needs to sign to confirm acceptance. The amount mentioned in our quotation is paid to our bank account. After acceptance of our quotation, we send out a Pro Forma Invoice for payment before we start with the work. The second payment is the outstanding UIF amount due to the Department of Labour, payable by the client directly to the Department of Labour.

7. Together with our Pro Forma Invoice we send out a Power of Attorney document which the client needs to complete and sign to confirm the correct information and instruct us to do the work.

8. We do not make UIF payments on behalf of clients to the Department of Labour.

9. Salaries for employees who will be terminated (will no longer be in your services):

Please consult with your Accountant, Bookkeeper or a Labour Broker with regards to the last month’s salary for your employee/s. They should be able to provide you with the correct procedure and steps to take when for example retrenching an employee.

We will work on the salaries and hours which you provide to us in our Salary Schedule, assuming that you have already discussed the matter with one or more of the above institutions for labour advice.